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Important Information Document

Please take a few moments to ensure all the personal information provided is correct. If you notice something is wrong, please call us as soon as possible. Failure to bring any discrepancy to our attention may invalidate any claim you may have against us. Please note that any other amendments will be subject to a fee depending on the circumstances and the airline you are flying with. Once you have paid in full, your electronic ticket will be sent to you within 72 hours of the payment being confirmed. Please note that no paper tickets will be sent. If you would like to collect the documents from our office in person, please contact us immediately. We request the cardholder to bring their credit or debit card when collecting the documents in order to prevent fraud.

1. Name Spellings
The names on your itinerary must match those on your passport otherwise you will be unable to travel and will incur amendment or cancellation charges. It is essential you check your documentation and ensure that your first name and surname are spelt correctly as they appear in your passport. It is your responsibility to contact us immediately if the names in your reservation are incorrect. Failure to do so may jeopardise your reservation.

2. Amendments and Cancellations
An amendment or rebooking is a date change to the inbound leg of your journey. If a date change is made to your departure date, if you change fares or change your destination then this will be classed as a cancellation

3. Disabilities and Medical Conditions
If any member of your party has any disability or medical condition, please advise us immediately at the time of booking so that we may advise as to the suitability of the chosen arrangements.

4. Travel Insurance
We strongly recommend you to have adequate travel insurance when travelling abroad.

5. Seating, Meal and Miscellaneous Special Requests
Most airlines offer seating, meal or special service requests. Please advise us of your request if you have not already done so. Please note some airlines charge extra for seating. Please also note that such requests cannot be guaranteed therefore failure to meet any special request will not constitute a breach of contract if not provided.

6. Online Check In
Most airlines offer the online check in facility normally 24 hours before the flight. This enables passengers to select their seat where applicable and print the boarding card prior to travel. The online check in time varies with airlines. Please consult the appropriate airlines website for further details.

7. Special requests, disabilities and medical conditions
Adequate travel insurance is essential. Please read your policy details carefully. It is your responsibility to ensure that the insurance cover you purchase is suitable and adequate for your particular needs.

8. Codeshare Flights
Many airlines operate in partnership with each other and hence, a flight number may show the airline through which the booking is made but the flight may be operated on a codeshare basis with a partner airline.

9. General Baggage Allowance
Free checked baggage allowance varies with airlines and destinations. 20kg is the common international standard for Economy Class passengers for long haul flights, 30 kg for Business Class and 40 kg for First Class. Excess charges will apply if your allowance is exceeded on any flight. Baggage allowance is constantly reviewed and subject to change. Please check the baggage limits with your airline before you travel.

10. Passport and Visa Requirements
It is essential you are in possession of an up to date and valid passport. You must check the visa and entry requirements of your chosen destination and any other countries you may be stopping off at en route. We offer general advice to British citizens but personal circumstances such as criminal records may affect your eligibility for entry into certain countries. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the correct documentation to gain entry into your chosen destination. General visa information can be found with the relevant Embassy or the FCO website:

11. Privacy Policy
All personal information provided to Aerolex will be kept private and confidential under the Data Protection Act.

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